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About Us

Attorneys’ Training Centre „Krastiu Tsonchev“

The Foundation „Attorneys’ Training Centre „Krastiu Tsonchev“ was set up by virtue of a decision of the Supreme Bar Council on 25 November 2005 pursuant to the Bar Act and the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.

It was registered in the Non-Profit Legal Entities Registry on 16 December 2005 by virtue of a decision of the Sofia City Court on company case No. 14158/2005 for an indefinite term.

The foundation is a non-profit legal entity performing activities in private benefit within the meaning of Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.


To assist in strengthening an independent and professional Bar. To build and develop a European self-confidence among practicing attorneys through training and qualification.


  • Train, maintain and increase attorneys’ qualification;
  • Train junior and new attorneys and attorney candidates;
  • Prepare attorneys to apply European Union law;
  • Familiarise attorneys with international law and the law of other states;
  • Establish international contacts and cooperation with similar organisations;
  • Develop and support research activities in the field of legal and similar sciences.


  • Organise and hold seminars, lecture courses and other forms of training;
  • Organise and support the publishing and dissemination of specialised legal literature;
  • Develop and participate in fund-raising programs from local, foreign and international funds, organisations, individuals and legal entities.


Management Board of the Foundation Attorneys Training Centre Krastyu Tsonchev 

Chairperson of the Management Board:

Yordan Tsvetanov Yordanov, Attorney-at-Law


Prof. Dr. Doncho Hrusanov

Eli Hristova, Attorney-at-Law

Emilia Nedeva, Attorney-at-Law

Lyubomir Denev, Attorney-at-Law

Attorneys Training Centre Krastyu Tsonchev 

Executive Director

Eli Hristova, Attorney-at-Law

Research Secretary

Prof. Dr. Doncho Hrusanov

Training Coordinator Velislava Nikiforova

Technical Secretary Ruska Demirova

Assistant Tomislav Toshkov

REPRESENTATION: The Foundation is represented by the Chairperson of the Management Board, Yordan Yordanov, Attorney-at-Law.

BANK ACCOUNT of the Foundation Attorneys Training Centre Krastyu Tsonchev  UniCredit-Bulbank AD, Kaloyan Branch IBAN: BG44UNCR76301077718918 BIC: UNCRBGSF